How to use the Player Warp System

Player Warps gives us a fun and exciting travel system. All in an easy to use GUI-Biased package. To start using it next time you log in simply run the /pw command to see all the warps.

How to create a warp:

  • Stand on the location where you would like to create the warp. It will register where you are looking as well. So be sure to make your warp look nice on arrival.
  • Once you are in place run the /pw set <name> command to set your new warp you can use up to 25 characters with no spaces.
  • Run the /pwarp desc set <warp><desc> and fill out a description of what your warp is.
  • The default icon is your playerskull if you wish to change it just hold the item you would like to display in your main hand and run /pw icon set <warp>
  • The last step is to place the warp in the correct category/pw category <warp> <category>

Full Command List:

Some commands are blocked for Admin Use only.

Main Menu:

A sample of our “other” warps category:

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