TGE: Guide to Ultra Cosmetics

As a thank you to our donors we offer 6 categories of crazy cosmetics pets, suit’s, hats, particle effects, gadgets and emotes. With 180 cosmetics our Hero’s will always have something new to #flex with.

To learn more about Donor ranks Check out our Guide to Donor Ranks and to purchase a rank visit our Server Shop.

How to use your perks

Using Ultra Cosmetics is a piece of cake.

  • Open the GUI: /uc menu <main> or <pets>, <emotes>, <hats>, <gadgets>, <particles>, <suits>
  • Select your cosmetic: Simply click which ever cosmetic you would like to use.
  • Remove cosmetics: Select the cosmetic again to remove it. Alternatively you can click the Block of Redstone to clear all cosmetics.
  • /uc help for a full list of commands.

13 Pets – Elder+

With access to 12 pets that will follow you around the map you will never have to play alone again. You can even rename your little companion.

Piggy, Easter Bunny, Cow, Mooshroom, Kitty, Dog, Chick, Pumpling, Snowman, Polar Bear, Llama, Parrot, and Sheep.

5 Suit’s – Lord+

Currently their are 5 suit’s available. Santa, Astronaut, Diamond, Frozen, and Animated Rave.

105 Hats – Lord+

Looking this good has never been this easy. With 105 custom hats you can have a new look anytime you want. *takes up helmet slot.

19 Particle Effects: Duke+

The perfect accessory particles. With 19 available you add some flare to your character.

25 Gadgets – Hero+

This is our favorite category Gadgets! Impress everyone around you with some awesome tools that provide temporary non-damaging perks for the ultimate bragging rights.

9 Animated Emotes: Hero+

Replace your helmet slot with fun animated emotes. Showing your mood has never been easier.

*Knight rank is not eligible for for Cosmetic perks.

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