RPG-Survival Changelog: 1/14/2022

The Golden Empire Logo

It has been a while since any notable changes have happened to the server while Skyblock was being worked on. There is still not a ton to report but I have made some small fixes and will be spending more time adding enhancements to this server very soon. I have several massive additions I have already started working on such as custom enchantments and boss fights.


  • All jobs menus should now be accessable.


  • Jobs Shop is now open with dozens of items.
  • Deadchest are back!!!! The plugin author has deployed a fix for the holograms remaining after a chest has been claimed and I have added them back to the server. They will last for 1 hour and you may have up to 5 at a time.

Known Issues:

  • After our PC crashed the other day we have been seeing random server crashes on all servers on this PC, mainly RPG Survival. This seems to be a PC issue and I have the host on it.
  • Inbalance in some job payouts.
  • mcMMO is having serveral minor issues at the moment. There is nothing I can do about this and am watching on plugin updates.

Future updates:

  • Custom Enchants.
  • Custom Boss Fights.
  • Custom Fishing System.
  • More Crates including a free voting crate.
  • Shop Overhaul.
  • Jobs Payout tweaks.

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