RPG-Survival Changelog: 1/28/2022


  • Most Jobs typos/errors.
  • A few sources of crashes, so far its been smooth lets keep our :fingerscrossed:


  • Jobs shop has had a complete overhaul. Look for a ton a more useful items.
  • Job payout rates have been adjusted for almost every job. Some up some down.
  • Survival Shop has had some price reductions and you are now able to sell a few more items on there.
  • AFK players will now be moveable and take damage. Becareful where you AFK at.
  • Villagers will now display their trade item.
  • Mob Spawn Rate: Monsters will now have a chance to spawn every 2 ticks instead of every 5 ticks.


  • TGE Epic Hoppers: Connect hoppers over long distances with the added ability to filter out unwanted items, auto break blocks, auto sell items and much more. Guide to Hoppers.
    • Left-Click a hopper to open its GUI to level it up and change its settings.


  • Advanced Achivements: No longer supported by the dev and needs some major work to get it going again. I might rework this plugin in the future.
  • Epic Anchors: For the time being to see if by chance it had an impact on crashes. The data is saved so they will work again when replaced if they are a-okay. If not I will work out a refund program.
  • Death Messages.

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