RPG-Survival Changelog 02/03/2022


  • Teleportation Lag: Purpur implemented a fix to falling through the world/slow renders while tping.
  • Bedrock Support: Mojang Released an API change that took down Bedrock compatibility for half the day.
  • Iron Golems will now “calm down” when fully healed as intended.


  • More items are now able to be sold in the /shop.
  • Chat Filter has been modified to be less annoying and hopfuly sensor only the worst of words.
  • Calcite will now give 100 mcMMO Mining points instead of 400.


  • /report: Is back. if you have minor ingame issue you may use this instead of Discord to submit a ticket.
  • Crate Room: Using /pw Crate_Room will take you to the new location of the Mystery Vault and Crates.
  • Mythic Mystery Crate.
  • 3 Pet Crates.
  • 3 Cosmetic Crates.
  • ClearLagg: I know some of you are not going to like this but it has helped greatly mitaget crashes due to chunks overloading. It has also help fix TPS drops when a player enters an old broken chunk and should fix it automatically. Long term this is a good feature. It does have a 60 and 10 second warning and occurs every 10 minutes.
  • Over 300 new custom items in the Crate Room
  • Deluxe Sellwands: Will be available in the misc. section of the /shop. They can be used to sell the enitre contents of a chest.
  • Auction House Channel to Discord that shows live listings and sales.

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