RPG-Survival Changelog 02/06/2022


  • Some typos and mistakes in the /help and /links menu.
  • When a staff member frezzes a player it will now tell the player to join our Discord instead of a random TeamSpeak.


  • The Donor Ranks webpage has been updated to show off all the added perks and was cleaned up a bit.
  • Lores of menu items in the /links gui.
  • Roomba will now run ever 20 minutes instead of 10 and will now only produce 1 warning 1 minute out.
  • Updated the login MOTD.
  • The DynMap rendering of the overworld has been pause until Tuseday for minimal impact while our player count is higher on these busy days.
  • Stronger moniting measures have been applied to several exploitable acts to help catch violators.
  • Put all PlayerWarps in the others category into their proper categories.


  • DynMap information to /help.
  • Two more Vote sites.
  • The server store to the /links gui.
  • /ranks command to show a link to the Rank Perks webpage.
  • Dungeons Room at spawn. You can use the warp /pw Dungeons. This is in preperation for the new dungeon coming soon.
    • Dungeon Master that will give a brief description on available dungeos.
    • NPC’s to join the upcoming dungeons.
  • /sellgui command has finally been updated to 1.18.1 this should make selling items a lot easier for Pocket Edition/Controller players. Simply place all items you want to sell inside the GUI and close the menu. Everything that can be sold will be sold and you will be revice a sales reciept.

Known Issues:

  • Stone is not dropping anything when mined.
  • mcMMO isnt dropping sapplings/sticks while using Tree Feller.
  • Pocket Edition players can not use custom enchants and must have someone else place the item on their gear. This is due to drag and drop not being an option.
  • Epic Hoppers dont work in the Over World.
  • Planet Minecraft is not giving voting rewards currently.

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