RPG-Survival Changelog 02/10/2022


  • Jobs should now properly counting Glow Item Frames and Enchantments done in anvils.
  • Some bugs while /crawling.
  • Some Advanced Enchantment messages have been altered to display correctly.
  • Issues with Advanced Enchantments Russian translation.


  • NPC’s have had a performance boost of up to 20%.
  • Armor on your hotbar is now easily equiptable just by right clicking on it.
  • Improved enchantment table chances when enchanting items.
  • Daily Rewards had a massive performace boost and is running 2000% faster than before.


  • There is now a webpage link that you can find in the /links GUI that provides all of the voting links in one spot for quick and easy voting without having to go in and out of the game. You can also find it here and bookmark it.
  • 143 more heads to the HDB store.
  • Korean translations for Advanced Enchantments.
  • Support for Bedrock 1.18.10.

Known Issues:

  • Stone is not dropping anything when mined.
  • mcMMO isnt dropping sapplings/sticks while using Tree Feller.
  • Epic Hoppers dont work in the Overworld.

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