RPG-Survival Changelog 02/13/2022

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  • Fixed adding custom enchant books through anvil.
  • Reworked reforged enchantment.
  • Fixed fortune, telepathy and smelt not working together with raw iron and gold.
  • Visual glitch in the Crate Room with the Mystery Vault (hourly rewards crate).


  • Voting:
    • Voting Crate now Requires 30 votes aka 3 full days.
    • The Vote Shop has been stocked with new items.
    • Check out the new Guide to Voting to see the new commands and get a link that you can bookmark for quick and easy voting.
  • PlayerWarps had an update that should reduce its performance impact and provides some minor tweaks.
  • All reports submitted in game via the /report command are now instantly displayed in a Private Discord Channel for staff to see. This mean it is just as fast as a Discord ticket now, with a lot less effort.
  • Removed Parkour server from the Hub Server Selector as well as changed the lore on Skyblock to reflect its launch date.
  • Made some cosmetic upgrades to the crate room.


  • 1 more vote site.
  • Voting section to /help menu.
  • Link to all voting sites webpage added to /links.
  • Top voter signs next to the Voting Crate with Playerheads that update.
  • Full Inventory alert.
  • Netherite Shield :
    • Lightning proof.
    • Fire proof.
    • Fall damage mitigation while blocking.
    • Craftable – W= Wood planks N= Netherite Ingot: NNN NNN WNW.
    • Extra fire resistance.
    • Repairable.

Known Issues:

  • mcMMO isnt dropping sapplings/sticks while using Tree Feller.

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