RPG-Survival Changelog 02/15/2022

You will notice when you log in for the first time after this update you be restricted from most actions while your data is being synced with the new Dungeons server. This can take up to a minute or so, just be patient and it will finish on its own.


  • When a player is frozen by staff it will now give the proper Discord link. I had .com when its .gg.
  • Removed double Thanks for Voting Messages.
  • Netherite Shields now give 1 heart instead of 1/2 of one. If you have an old shield and would like to trade it in for a new one please to a /report.


  • Icon for the Mythic Mystery Crate in the /store has had its icon updated.
  • Updated Scoreboard
  • Updated TAB
  • /itemname now has the alias /rename
  • /itemlore now has the alias /lore
  • /itemnbt now has the alias /nbt
  • Unfortunatly becuase data is now being shared with the Dungeons server we are no longer able to take advantge of the auto reconnect on restarts. Luckily it has been days since we have had a crash and things seem to be very stable.


  • Clickable sign next to the Mythic Mystery Crate to provide a link to purchase the key.
  • /ride command for Knight ranks and above. This allow you to sit on pretty much any animal/mob.

Known Issues:

  • mcMMO isnt dropping sapplings/sticks while using Tree Feller.

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