Guide to Epic Hoppers:

What is it?

Epic Hoppers is an exciting new way to use hoppers on TGE. With tons of features such as “BlueTooth hoppers”, auto crafting, filters, auto smelting, player teleportation, suction, and upgradeable.

Where to get them

Epic Hoppers can be found in the survival shop /shop or /ss under the Miscellaneous tab. Each hopper costs 2.5k to purchase.

How to use them

Place an Epic Hopper down and left-click it. This should open a GUI that changes depending on the level of the hopper. This GUI is pretty self-explanatory and is very detailed with its information.


Teleportation: Provides the ability to teleport to another linked hopper. Please keep in mind, that the teleportation will only be active to the first linked up hopper, not all of them. If there is a need for multiple hoppers to be linked, you need to set them in a chain mode (A –> B –> C).

Suction: Automatically transfers the items in the suction area into the inventory of the hopper.

Auto Sell: Automatically sells items that are available to be sold in the survival /shop or /ss.

Filter: You can set items to filter into two different chests or be voided (destroyed). You can access the Whitelist and Blacklist through the GUI.

Linking: Link a hopper to a chest/Ender chest/barrel or another hopper.

Levels and Upgrades

Hoppers have 7 available levels each level adds new features or improves the available modules.

  1. Level-1:
    • Range: 10
    • Amount: 1
    • Cost-xp: 5 levels
    • Cost-eco: $5000
  2. Level-2:
    • Range: 20
    • Amount: 2
    • Cost-xp: 10 levels
    • Cost-eco: $7500
  3. Level-3:
    • Range: 30
    • Amount: 3
    • Suction: 1
    • Link-amount: 2
    • Cost-xp: 20 levels
    • Cost-eco: $5000
  4. Level-4:
    • Range: 40
    • Amount: 4
    • Suction: 2
    • Link-amount: 2
    • Cost-xp: 25 levels
    • Cost-eco: $12000
  5. Level-5:
    • Range: 50
    • Amount: 5
    • Suction: 3
    • Link-amount: 3
    • Auto-Smelting: 30
    • Cost-xp: 30 levels
    • Cost-eco: $15000
  6. Level-6:
    • Range: 60
    • Amount: 5
    • Suction: 3
    • Filters: True
    • Teleport: True
    • Auto-Sell: 60
    • Link-amount: 3
    • Auto-Smelting: 20
    • Cost-xp: 40 levels
    • Cost-eco: $20000
  7. Level-7:
    • Range: 70
    • Amount: 5
    • Suction: 3
    • Filters: True
    • Teleport: True
    • Auto-Sell: 60
    • Auto-Crafting: True
    • Link-amount: 4
    • Auto-Smelting: 10
    • Cost-xp: 50 levels
    • Cost-eco: $30000

RPG-Survival Changelog: 1/28/2022


  • Most Jobs typos/errors.
  • A few sources of crashes, so far its been smooth lets keep our :fingerscrossed:


  • Jobs shop has had a complete overhaul. Look for a ton a more useful items.
  • Job payout rates have been adjusted for almost every job. Some up some down.
  • Survival Shop has had some price reductions and you are now able to sell a few more items on there.
  • AFK players will now be moveable and take damage. Becareful where you AFK at.
  • Villagers will now display their trade item.
  • Mob Spawn Rate: Monsters will now have a chance to spawn every 2 ticks instead of every 5 ticks.


  • TGE Epic Hoppers: Connect hoppers over long distances with the added ability to filter out unwanted items, auto break blocks, auto sell items and much more. Guide to Hoppers.
    • Left-Click a hopper to open its GUI to level it up and change its settings.


  • Advanced Achivements: No longer supported by the dev and needs some major work to get it going again. I might rework this plugin in the future.
  • Epic Anchors: For the time being to see if by chance it had an impact on crashes. The data is saved so they will work again when replaced if they are a-okay. If not I will work out a refund program.
  • Death Messages.

RPG-Survival Changelog: 1/14/2022

It has been a while since any notable changes have happened to the server while Skyblock was being worked on. There is still not a ton to report but I have made some small fixes and will be spending more time adding enhancements to this server very soon. I have several massive additions I have already started working on such as custom enchantments and boss fights.


  • All jobs menus should now be accessable.


  • Jobs Shop is now open with dozens of items.
  • Deadchest are back!!!! The plugin author has deployed a fix for the holograms remaining after a chest has been claimed and I have added them back to the server. They will last for 1 hour and you may have up to 5 at a time.

Known Issues:

  • After our PC crashed the other day we have been seeing random server crashes on all servers on this PC, mainly RPG Survival. This seems to be a PC issue and I have the host on it.
  • Inbalance in some job payouts.
  • mcMMO is having serveral minor issues at the moment. There is nothing I can do about this and am watching on plugin updates.

Future updates:

  • Custom Enchants.
  • Custom Boss Fights.
  • Custom Fishing System.
  • More Crates including a free voting crate.
  • Shop Overhaul.
  • Jobs Payout tweaks.

TGE: Custom Crafting Recipes and Tweaks

At TGE we have several custom crafting recipes and tweaks to improve the quality of life.


bundle is a storage item that can be used for managing items inside the player’s inventory and allows for a combination of multiple item types within single inventory slots.

Dropper to Dispenser:

Makes crafting bulk Dispensers possible.

Double Slabs:

Allows you to craft 2 slabs from 1 block.

Sandstone Dyeing:

Allows you to craft red stand stone by combing red dye with sandstone.

Universal Dyeing:

Allows you to dye any dyeable block to another color, no matter what color it is (does not include Wool and Concrete.)

Rotten Flesh to Leather:

Smelt Rotten Flesh into Leather!

Back to Blocks:

Allows you to craft full blocks from stairs and slabs.

Striaght to Shapeless:

Craft items such as Paper, Bread, and Shulker Boxes directly in 2×2.

Blackstone Cobblestone:

Craft all items that require Cobblestone, using Blackstone.

Unpackable Wool:

Break down wool into string.

Copper Beacons:

All oxidization levels of Copper Block (including Cut and Waxed) are valid Beacon base blocks, along with Copper Ingots as a Beacon payment item.

Bat Membranes:

Since Phantoms are disabled on our server, bats drop Phantom Membranes.


If an endermite is sitting on a purpur block, rather than despawn (after two minutes) they will “burrow in” and become a shulker.

Custom Nether Portals:

Ignite nether portals of any shape and size you like (up to 254 obsidian blocks), or use crying obsidian in the portal frame.

Dragon Drops:

The Ender Dragon drops an Elytra and Egg on every kill.

Invisible Items frames:

When placed the item frame will not be visible.

Netherite Shield:

  • Lightning proof.
  • Fire proof.
  • Fall damage mitigation while blocking.
  • Craftable – W= Wood planks N= Netherite Ingot: NNN NNN WNW.
  • Extra fire resistance.
  • Repairable.

The Golden Empire: Guide to Guilds

TGE has guilds to offer an RPG-type system to our empire. Guilds allow players to join interactive groups of other players, forge their own communities, and compete with other guilds for dominance and control.


  • Hierarchy
  • Tier’s the higher the tier the better the rewards
  • Claim
  • Vault’s
  • Buffs
  • Guild Wars
  • Alliances
  • Guild Chat
  • Guild Bank
  • Guild Message of the Day

How to create and manage a guild:

Creating a guild for you and your mates is a simple process that has a $25,000 creation fee.

Guild Bank:

Each guild has a centralized bank that all players in a guild can work together to grow, each guild tier gains access to a larger balance.

  • /guild bank balance
  • /guild bank deposit <amount>
  • /guild bank withdraw <amount>

Guild Claims:

Every guild has the ability to use a claim for the purposes of building a proper guild house. Currently the guild claim is 5000 block cuboid around the center on the player when running the /guild claim command. To remove the claim use /guild unclaim. If you need more space player will need to use their own claims out side of the 5k area .

Guild Tiers:

Level up your guild and your game play with guild tiers.

  • Default-Bronze: Up to 5 members, 1 Vault, and a max balance of $100,000.
  • $50k-Silver: Up to 10 members, 2 Vaults, and a max balance of $1.5mil, Guild Buffs Unlocked, Max Allies 1.
  • $1mil-Silver: Up to 25 members, 3 Vaults, and a max balance of $50mil, Guild Buffs Unlocked, 15% Bonus Mob XP, 2% Increase to all guild members damage multiplier, Max Allies 10.
  • $25mil-Diamond: Up to 50 members, 6 Vaults, and a max balance of $5B, Guild Buffs Unlocked, 50% Bonus Mob XP, 10% Increase to all guild members damage multiplier, Max Allies 25.


Team up with other guilds.

/guild ally accept <guild> This command allows you to accept an ally invite from another guild if there is one currently pending!

/guild ally add <guild> This command allows you to send an ally request to another guild!

/guild ally decline <guild> This command allows you to decline and incoming ally invite from another guild!

/guild ally list This command allows you to list all the allies of your guild!

/guild ally remove <guild> This command allows you to remove any of your current allies!

Guild Homes:

Along with a claim each guild has 1 home they can set.

/guild sethome Set your guild home to your current location.

/guild home Teleport to your guild home.

/guild delhome Delete your guild home.


The help menu is well lets say overwhelming so instead there are server GUI’s to make managing your guild a piece of cake.

/guild buff Opens the guild buff GUI.

/guild list Opens the guild list GUI.

/guild members Opens the member list GUI.

/guild vault Opens a guild vault GUI.

/guild info Opens up the guild info GUI.

Guild Wars:

Want to see who will come out on top? Challenge another guild to a duel in the Guild Arena. Each guild is only allowed to defend once a day for a prize of 25k in the guilds bank.

Once the arena is active player will be able to use the following.

/guild war accept Accept a war request

/guild war challenge <guild> Challenge another guild to a war

/guild war deny Deny a war request

/guild war join Join a guild war

Guild Management Commands:

/guild create <name> [prefix] Create a new guild!

/guild delete Deletes your current guild.

/guild kick <player> Kicks a player from your guild.

/guild rename <name> Set a new name for your guild. Costs $50,000

/guild status Toggles the status of your guild.

/guild transfer <player> Transfer your guild to another person.

/guild upgrade Upgrade your guild’s tier.

/guild motd View your guild’s MOTD.

/guild motd set <motd> Set the MOTD of your guild.

/guild motd remove Remove the MOTD of your guild.

Member Commands:

/guild accept <name> Accepted a guild invite from a guild.

/guild check Checks to see if a user has any pending guild invites.

/guild decline <name> Declines a pending guild invite from a guild.

/guild demote <player> Demote a player in your guild.

/guild invite <player> Invite a player to your guild.

/guild language <language> Set the plugin language to your choosing!

/guild leave Leave your current guild.

/guild promote <player> Promote a player in your guild.

/guild chat Toggles the guild chat.

/guild request <guild> Send a request to join a guild.

TGE: Guide to Ultra Cosmetics

As a thank you to our donors we offer 6 categories of crazy cosmetics pets, suit’s, hats, particle effects, gadgets and emotes. With 180 cosmetics our Hero’s will always have something new to #flex with.

To learn more about Donor ranks Check out our Guide to Donor Ranks and to purchase a rank visit our Server Shop.

How to use your perks

Using Ultra Cosmetics is a piece of cake.

  • Open the GUI: /uc menu <main> or <pets>, <emotes>, <hats>, <gadgets>, <particles>, <suits>
  • Select your cosmetic: Simply click which ever cosmetic you would like to use.
  • Remove cosmetics: Select the cosmetic again to remove it. Alternatively you can click the Block of Redstone to clear all cosmetics.
  • /uc help for a full list of commands.

13 Pets – Elder+

With access to 12 pets that will follow you around the map you will never have to play alone again. You can even rename your little companion.

Piggy, Easter Bunny, Cow, Mooshroom, Kitty, Dog, Chick, Pumpling, Snowman, Polar Bear, Llama, Parrot, and Sheep.

5 Suit’s – Lord+

Currently their are 5 suit’s available. Santa, Astronaut, Diamond, Frozen, and Animated Rave.

105 Hats – Lord+

Looking this good has never been this easy. With 105 custom hats you can have a new look anytime you want. *takes up helmet slot.

19 Particle Effects: Duke+

The perfect accessory particles. With 19 available you add some flare to your character.

25 Gadgets – Hero+

This is our favorite category Gadgets! Impress everyone around you with some awesome tools that provide temporary non-damaging perks for the ultimate bragging rights.

9 Animated Emotes: Hero+

Replace your helmet slot with fun animated emotes. Showing your mood has never been easier.

*Knight rank is not eligible for for Cosmetic perks.

How to use the Player Warp System

Player Warps gives us a fun and exciting travel system. All in an easy to use GUI-Biased package. To start using it next time you log in simply run the /pw command to see all the warps.

How to create a warp:

  • Stand on the location where you would like to create the warp. It will register where you are looking as well. So be sure to make your warp look nice on arrival.
  • Once you are in place run the /pw set <name> command to set your new warp you can use up to 25 characters with no spaces.
  • Run the /pwarp desc set <warp><desc> and fill out a description of what your warp is.
  • The default icon is your playerskull if you wish to change it just hold the item you would like to display in your main hand and run /pw icon set <warp>
  • The last step is to place the warp in the correct category/pw category <warp> <category>

Full Command List:

Some commands are blocked for Admin Use only.

Main Menu:

A sample of our “other” warps category:

How to Setup Discord Proximity Chat

Step 1:

Log in to the server and type /Discord in chat. Click the link provided and sign into your Discord account.

Step 2:

Join the “Waiting-Room” on Discord. When another player comes close to you in-game they will be moved into a private channel with you for private chat.

Step 3:

Talk mad shit with your buddy.