The Golden Empire: RPG-Survival

About the Server

Welcome to The Golden Empire! On the RPG Survival server, you will find many unique aspects to your gameplay such as quests, jobs, mcMMO (RPG levels), custom items, custom enchants, and a strong player and server economy.

Keep with the latest changes by checking out our changelog.

Fun Facts:

  • No Phantoms! Bats drop Phantom Membrane instead.
  • High tick rate for monsters on a server, its dangerous out there.
  • Keep Inventory is on for PvP.
  • PvP is toggable.
  • Active Staff and Owner.
  • Friendly Community.
  • Fast Discord Ticket Respose Times.

Auction House:

Players can buy and sell items on the server-wide auction house.

  • /ah – Opens Auction House
  • /ah sell <amount> – Sells item in main hand for entered amount.

Bottled Experince:

Save your experience or sell it using custom XP Bottles. Each bottle has 30 XP by default but can be any custom amount.

  • /bottle get [amount/max] – Exhange XP for Bottles
  • /bottle store [exp/level/max] – Store a particular amount of XP in a bottle.
  • /bottle until [level] – Check how many bottle you need to level.
  • /bottle stats [playername] – Check your XP Information.
  • /bottle give [playername] [xp] – Give a player some of your XP.

Player Chest Shops:

  • Player Chest Shops: Set up a shop on your island and sell items to other players. Creating a shop is easy, I will show you the simplist method. Place a sign on a chest and put the following text on the appropiate lines.
    1. [EMPTY] – This line will automatically be filled in.
    2. [1-64] – The second line is for the quanity of items to sell or buy
    3. [B 10 : S 8] The third line is a combination of buy and sell prices. You can either sell, buy or do both from the same chest. The example provided [from the customers point of view they will be able to buy for $10 and sell for $8.
    4. [EMPTY] Will use the first item in the chest. [?] allows you to click the sign with the item to set the shop.

Daily Rewards:

Log in every day to get your cumulative daily rewards capping out 30 days. After 30 days you reset to day 1.

Head Database:

The /hdb shop has over 40,000 heads available for players to purchase.


When you die all your loot is stored in a DeadChest. This chest stores a portion of your XP and all of your items. You have 2 hours to collect your chest before all the items fall to the ground. The chest will save your loot from all deaths including void and lava and will spawn on the closest safe block. You may have up to 5 DeadChests at one time.

  • /dc list – List all of your current DeadChests.

DiscordSRV Proximity Voice and Text Chat:

We use DiscordSRV to integrate Discord with Minecraft. If you use the /discord link command you will be instructed to message our DiscordSRV bot a code and get verified. Once you are you will be able to send in-game messages via Discord as well as use the proximity chat features.

  • /discord link – Links your Minecraft and Discord accounts.


An interactive 3D map that shows all the areas that have been discovered on The Golden Empire.

  • /dynmap show – Show your player on DynMap.
  • /dynmap hide – Hide your player on DynMap.

Epic Hoppers:

  • TGE Epic Hoppers: Connect hoppers over long distances with the added ability to filter out unwanted items, auto break blocks, auto sell items and much more. Check out the Guide to Epic Hoppers.
    • Left-Click a hopper to open its GUI to level it up and change its settings.

Gadgets Menu:

GM is a complex system that we use for 2 main purposes. First is pets, with this system you are able to obtain pets via crates and level, feed, and send them on missions. Part two of the system is a full cosmetic system accessible with /gmenu main. These cosmetics are part of the free and paid crates.

Ultra Cosmetics:

Cosmetics plugin that is available to ranks. /uc menu main


Use these commands to perform the associated action.

  • /sit
  • /crawl
  • /lay
  • /bellyflop


Grow your guild and become more powerful. With guild tiers as you rank up, your guild gets perks such as a 5000 block Guild Claim, Vaults [remote bank], Temporary Buffs for sale, Guild Chat, Guild PvP Wars, and much more.

For more information please check out the Guide to Guilds.


The Jobs system allows you to pick up to 3 jobs at once and get paid to perform their actions. For example, you can become a Wizard and get paid for every enchantment you apply or be a hunter and get paid to kill mobs. You are rewarded with Job Points, Money, and XP. You can spend these Job Points at the Job Store, which contains special items for sale.

  • /jobs: Everything jobs related can be done via the GUI. If you are on PE and have GUI issues you can do /jobs help to see a full command list.
  • /jobs points – Shows you your jobs balance.
  • Jobs-Browse: Pick a job that you would like to work on.
  • Jobs-Skilltree: Check your progress for your current job.
  • Jobs-Shop: Buy items with Job Points that you have earned.
  • Jobs-Payouts: Show what you will get for completing jobs.
  • Jobs-Statistics: Check your overall progress.
  • When leaving a job it does lose its progress.


Contains 15 skills each with its own perks. Level them up to define your character.

mcMMO Wiki

Player Warps:

Playerwarps allow players to make up to 3 public warps for anyone on the server to visit. Includes sponsor spots, warp voting, set your icon and category.

Check out the guide to the Player Warps system.


Earn extra money and fun rewards by completing challenging quests.

  • /quests – Opens the Quests GUI.
  • /quests cancel – Cancels your current quest.
  • /quests started – Shows current quests.
  • /quests random – Starts a random quest.

Survival Shop:

Buy and sell various items by using /ss or /shop.

Player Trades:

Players are able to use the /trade GUI to transfer several things to each other such as items, money, mcMMO skills, XP, Job Points, and much more.

Custom Crafting:

Custom Crafting Recipes.

  • Bundles: A bundle is a storage item that can be used for managing items inside the player’s inventory and allows for a combination of multiple item types within single inventory slots.
  • Droppers to Dispensers: Makes crafting bulk Dispensers possibles.
  • Double Slabs: Allows you to craft 2 slabs from 1 block.
  • Sandstone Dyeing: Allows you to craft red stand stone by combing red dye with sandstone.
  • Universial Dyeing: Allows you to dye any dyeable block to another color, no matter what color it is (does not include Wool and Concrete.)
  • Rotten Flesh to Leather: Smelt Rotten Flesh into Leather.
  • Back to Blocks: Allows you to craft full blocks from stairs and slabs.
  • Striaght to Shapeless: Craft items such as Paper, Bread, and Shulker Boxes directly in 2×2.
  • Blackstone Cobblestone: Craft all items that require Cobblestone, using Blackstone.
  • Unpackable Wool: Break down wool into string.
  • Copper Beacons: All oxidization levels of Copper Block (including Cut and Waxed) are valid Beacon base blocks, along with Copper Ingots as a Beacon payment item.
  • Dragon Drops: The Ender Dragon drops an Elytra and Egg on every kill.
  • Invisible Item Frames: When placed the item frame will not be visible.
  • Item Magnet: Pulls Items and XP towards players. It can be found in the crafting table under “magnet”

Custom Enchantments:

Over 200 insane custom enchantments to change up your gameplay. This engaging and interactive plugin adds many features such as an enchanter who sells random enchantments, a tinker that trades you for your old enchanted gear, and much much more.

Full list of enchantments and what they do.

  • Integrated with the Enchantment Table.
  • Villagers have a chance to sell the custom books.
  • /enchanter: Buy enchantment books, which right-clicked or instantly can reveal true enchantment.
  • /tinker: Exchange your enchanted armor in for experience, or exchange your custom enchant book for a fireball. A fireball has a chance of getting magic dust, which improves the success rate on a given rarity enchant book
  • Slot increasers to increase the amount of enchantments.
  • White Scroll: Applying one of these to your item will protect it from being destroyed from a failed enchantment
  • Black Scroll: Applying this item will take away one random custom enchantment from item, and give a book of it with certain success & destroy rates
  • BlockTrak: Apply a tracker on tools to track number of blocks mined using the item.
  • StatTrak: Applyable on weapons, to track kills done with the item.
  • Soul Tracker: “Stack” souls on items as fuel, then use for enchantments.
  • Transmog Scroll: Organize enchantments on item in order
  • MobTrak: Track how many mobs have been killed with an item.
  • Souls: Gather souls by killing players with items Souls Trackers on them.Withdraw souls from items to SoulGems (via command /withdrawsouls) and put them on armour!
  • Alcemist: Combine two dusts for better rate, Combine two enchantment books for increased enchantment level (i.e. two Speed I books for Speed II)


Our chat system is meant to make chat clean and easy to read. Please keep emotes and Unicode to a minimum. You are able to leave and join any channels you wish even global if you don’t want to see any chat.

  • Chat channels: Custom chat channels, see what you want.
    • /join,leave <channel_prefix>
    • g- Global
    • sp- Spanish
    • ge– German
    • l- Local


Play with your friends and trade with players with a simple command.

  • /tpa [playername] – Requests to teleport to a player.
  • /tpahere [playername] – Requests a player to teleport to you.
  • /back, /dback – Go to your last location/death location.
  • /tpbypass – Teleport to an unsafe area.
  • /tpa [yes/no] – Accept or Deny a teleport request.


Each player gets 8 homes by default. These homes make it easy to store important places and teleport back to them.

  • /sethome [homename] – Sets a home at your current location.
  • /homes – Opens a GUI with all of your homes.
  • /home [name] – Bypasses the GUI and goes stright to that home.


  • Check out the Voting Guide for links to each vote site.
  • /vote – Opens the voting links GUI.
  • /voteall – Provides a list of clickable Voting urls.
  • /votegui – Opens the main GUI where you can see your stats, vote, visit the shop, etc…
  • /votepoints – Check your Voting Points balance.
  • /voteshop – Opens the Vote Shop.
  • /votestreak – Opens the voting streak GUI.

Other Features:

  • Mail system: /mail to send mail to players for them to read later.
  • Point: /point to show others what you are looking at.
  • Custom Nether Portals: Ignite nether portals of any shape and size you like (up to 254 obsidian blocks), or use crying obsidian in the portal frame.
  • Painting Editor: Painting editing with shift+right click
  • Durability Ping: When an item reachs 10% durability you will be notified.
  • Damage/HP Bars: When attacking an enemy player or mob you will see thier HP bar and how much damage you did.
  • Skulker Backpacks: Open shulkers from your hotbar by right clicking them.
  • Ranks: Purchase ranks with super fun cosmetics. *Ranks are network wide. Rank Shop.
  • Crates: Voting and Purchased crates to get fun items!