TGE: Custom Crafting Recipes and Tweaks

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At TGE we have several custom crafting recipes and tweaks to improve the quality of life.


bundle is a storage item that can be used for managing items inside the player’s inventory and allows for a combination of multiple item types within single inventory slots.

Dropper to Dispenser:

Makes crafting bulk Dispensers possible.

Double Slabs:

Allows you to craft 2 slabs from 1 block.

Sandstone Dyeing:

Allows you to craft red stand stone by combing red dye with sandstone.

Universal Dyeing:

Allows you to dye any dyeable block to another color, no matter what color it is (does not include Wool and Concrete.)

Rotten Flesh to Leather:

Smelt Rotten Flesh into Leather!

Back to Blocks:

Allows you to craft full blocks from stairs and slabs.

Striaght to Shapeless:

Craft items such as Paper, Bread, and Shulker Boxes directly in 2×2.

Blackstone Cobblestone:

Craft all items that require Cobblestone, using Blackstone.

Unpackable Wool:

Break down wool into string.

Copper Beacons:

All oxidization levels of Copper Block (including Cut and Waxed) are valid Beacon base blocks, along with Copper Ingots as a Beacon payment item.

Bat Membranes:

Since Phantoms are disabled on our server, bats drop Phantom Membranes.


If an endermite is sitting on a purpur block, rather than despawn (after two minutes) they will “burrow in” and become a shulker.

Custom Nether Portals:

Ignite nether portals of any shape and size you like (up to 254 obsidian blocks), or use crying obsidian in the portal frame.

Dragon Drops:

The Ender Dragon drops an Elytra and Egg on every kill.

Invisible Items frames:

When placed the item frame will not be visible.

Netherite Shield:

  • Lightning proof.
  • Fire proof.
  • Fall damage mitigation while blocking.
  • Craftable – W= Wood planks N= Netherite Ingot: NNN NNN WNW.
  • Extra fire resistance.
  • Repairable.

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