RPG-Survival Changelog 02/12/2022

Dungeons are very close, however, Mythic Mobs which is used for the custom mobs has a known issue of killing natural spawn rates. They are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. When they get this fixed we are ready to roll out 2 dungeons.


  • ClearLagg Trigger when TPS drops below 19. When TPS drops below 19 ClearLagg should now kick in and clear items. This is to help mitigate the impact of older broken regions that got missed in the fix.
  • A few blocks were not dropping when mined. This has been fixed. Netherrack, Stone, and Cobblestone for example.
  • Epic Hoppers now work in the Overworld!


  • The Nether and The End have had the spawn areas rendered in DynMap. We will not be doing a full render in these world past this point. The rest of the map will have to be uncovered by exploring. This is to keep unraided end cities/bastions hidden.
  • Voting crate keys will now be rewarded on 27 votes instead of 20. This is to account for the added sites and to add up to 3 full days of voting.
  • Looting can now be added to Shears.
  • Spawners can now be turn on and off with redstone.
  • Max XP dropped on death has been increased.
  • Players will now be teleported if they end up outside of the world border.
  • Note blocks will now ignore the blocks above them.
  • Epic Hoppers in the /shop have had their lore changed since they now work in the Overworld.


  • Anvils can now be repaired with iron and damaged with obsidian.
  • 2 more vote sites for 9 total.

Known Issues:

  • mcMMO isnt dropping sapplings/sticks while using Tree Feller.
  • Epic Hoppers dont work in the Overworld.
  • The Distance Enchant broke with a recent update.

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